Growing Gastronauts perfomed the Kärdla Marina official cafe

27/05/2014 14:31
Growing Gastronauts set up a one-day-cafeteria to celebrate the opening of new Kärdla Marina on Saturday, May 24. One of the oldest buildings in Kärdla, The Monopoly, was modified for this occasion into a cosy cafe that offered a pleasant shade from sunshine. Menu was tricky, as usual: edible earth, herring pee, pan-bread and cup-pie. As instructors of the workshops this time were: the new chef of the restaurant in the Kalana, Kertu Lukas, and a fellow islander from Saaremaa, Aivar Kallas, who taught how to make fish and chips in a true islanders way. 
Gastronauts worked on Saturday from 11 to 18, in two shifts. Workshops were public and the food prepared was appreciated by the public. Also this event was to promote the Gastronatus web-cookbook. 
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