The project Growing Gastronauts presents Hiiumaa in postcard

10/01/2014 11:33

With the support of the Rural Economy Research Centre, Hiiumaa LEADER LAG has published four new postcards presenting LEADER projects and Hiiumaa seasons. The aim of the postcards is to be distributed in Berlin Grüne Woche, on 22-24. January 2014. One of the postcards is about the project Growing Gastronauts. On the reverse of each postcard, there is a Hiiumaa local food recipe, to be tried at home.  Gastronauts recomend:
Cheese curds (Spring)
200 g of curds
2 tbls sugar
50 g butter
100 g dark chocolate
50 g whipping cream

Mix curds, soft butter, sugar and vanilla. Put the mixture into cupcake forms and freeze.
Melt the chocolate with cream and butter. Dip the frozen curds into the mixture, cool in fridge.

Three other projects presented in postcards are Development of Orjaku Harbour; The Festival of Ancient Light’s Night; and the Marketing of Hiiumaa.
The recipes:

Sudden (Summer)
Fillet whitefish or salmon, chop finely. Chop onion finely, mix with fish. Season with sea salt, lemon juice and pepper. Chill in the refrigerator. Eat with black or white bread, a zip of cold vodka is appropriate, but not for children!

Potato sausage (Autumn)

0.5 kg of minced pork
2 kg potatoes
0.5 kg of onions
3 cloves of garlic
Process potatoes, onions and garlic in a food processor. Mix all ingredients together and stuff the casing, twist. Boil sausages for 20 minutes at low heat. Cool and grill

Snowball soup (Winter)

Whisk the egg whites, add 1 tbls of sugar, whisk until stiff. Slip egg white dumplings into boiling milk, heat a moment from both sides, remove and put aside. Whisk the remaining egg yolks with sugar, add a little hot milk and vanilla, and pour the yolks into the hot milk. Stir and heat until it thickens. Serve milk with dumplings in dessert bowls.